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Student Reviews

"At last, a how-to class by someone who actually knows how to."
-Dave Boone, WGA Award Nominated Comedy Writer

"I can't tell you how valuable it is to have someone like Joe guide me and believe in me.  It's exactly what I was looking for."
-Elvis Winterbottom, Comedian

"Joe's class changed everything.  I went from being nervous and unsure if I could even do stand up, to booking shows all around town and performing with confidence.  It's rare to get to study under someone who has it so engrained in them you can't help but absorb their knowledge and enthusiasm and do so in such a fun and supportive environment."
– Chris Wievl, Comedian

"Joe's stand up comedy class is intense.  His experience and insight helps you grow as a comedian.  He challenges students to explore their potential.  I would recommend his class to beginners and experienced comics that want to workout their writing skills and stage performance."
– Vince Royale, Comedian

"Joe's class blew me away. His approach and knowledge of the comedy business is awesome. I feel more inspired to write than I have in years. It's the best thing I've ever done for my career and my creative spirit!"   
- Jackie Maruschak, Comedian

"Joe's class is a necessity if you think you want to do stand-up.  He knows stand-up inside and out, and knows what he's talking about (just look at the guy's resume).  Joe pushed me past the "happy, ha-ha let's joke about cats" and got me to dive into deeper material and edit it into something actually funny.  He emphasizes the basics that separate the good comics from the not-so-good and sets up a perfect foundation for great joke writing.  He's very generous in working with material that you send him as well.  I've taken the class twice and may take it again."

- Peter Marr, Comedian

"Joe was EXACTLY what I needed as a new stand up comedian. Before Joe's class I would jump on stage only to BOMB, then I would go home and think about killing myself. At least now I don't BOMB anymore. Joe is a professional in the true sense of the word.  I was able to go through my vast amounts of material with him and cut down the excess fat that was standing in the way of the "true funny".  Even if you don't have any material Joe will help you find it. All I can say is...thanks Joe!" 

- David Vaughn, Comedian

"Joe's class helped me develop an original comedic voice and avoid the usual pitfalls of a rookie comic. And the class includes a showcase at the Improv - which is one big boatload of gravy."

- Ian Jasper, Comedian

"Joe's class rules!  He gave me invaluable advice on my routine that translated into big laughs on stage.  With Joe you get the feedback of a writing partner and the professional advice of a manager.  I would strongly recommend his classes to anybody who is interested in stand up or comedy writing, no matter what stage in your career.  Don't waste your time with others -- Joe is the man!!!" – Isaac Gonzalez, Comedian

"Joe's a talented stand-up teacher with a genuine desire to help comedians grow."

-Marc Campbell, Owner, The Westside Eclectic

LEVEL 1 Beginners
6-week Stand-Up Comedy Class

"The fundamentals of stand up and joke writing"

HURRY! Class Size Limited to 12 Students.

Classes will sell out. Enroll TODAY!

Mondays in Hollywood 7p - 10p
March 3 - April 7 - SOLD OUT

Saturdays in Santa Monica 11a - 2p
March 1 - April 5 - SOLD OUT
May 3 - June 7 - 3 spots left

Class tuition $350.00 if paid in full (Save $25!)


$375.00 and make 3 payments:

Deposit of $125.00 reserves your spot!

2nd payment of $125.00 due 1st class

3rd payment of $125.00 due 3rd class

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Sample Stand Up Class Outline

Actual course topics and assignments may vary

Joe's 6-week class will teach you the essential components of Stand Up Comedy - Joke Writing, Point of View, Delivery, Timing and Performing Skills. 

You will prepare a five minute set that you'll perform live at the World Famous Hollywood Improv!

Class #1 - Come in with several ideas/setups/premises you want to develop into jokes. After the initial meet and greet, you will start to learn the essential components of performing Stand-up and joke writing.

Comedy Nugget #1 - What sort of idiot are you?

Comics writing group recommended during the week.

Class #2 - Everyone will do a 3 minute set back-to-back. Then we will work as a group on each person's set, punching up jokes, tweaking setups, tightening overall performance.

Comedy Nugget #2 - Ten kick ass ways to be really funny.
Comics writing group recommended during the week.

Class #3 - Perform 3 more minutes of jokes and get feedback from Joe and the class.  Homework – Write 1 additional minute of material to be performed in Week 4.

Comedy Nugget #3 - Whatever doesn't add, detracts!

Comics writing group recommended during the week.

Class #4 - Perform your 4 minute set, then get feedback from Joe and the class.  We'll also work on set structure - to seque or not to seque? 

Comedy Nugget #4 - Stand up and DELIVER...

Comics writing group recommended during the week.

Class #5 - Prepare for the live show by performing your 5 minute set.  You'll also learn how to deal with nerves, hecklers and, dare I say it, bombing.

Comedy Nugget #5 – Holy shit I'm nervous!

Comics writing group recommended during the week.

Class #6 - You'll perform your set in front of a live audience at the Hollywood IMPROV!  Invite as many friends, family, and co-workers as possible to guarantee a fun, supportive audience. 

Comedy Nugget #6 - The more times you hit the stage
the stronger you will become.  Everyone who sticks
to it a long time evolves, improves.

Along with developing material, there are many goals you may choose to work towards like: dealing with hecklers, developing characters, preparing to be an Opener or MC, and so on. Joe treats everyone on an individual basis. If you have a particular goal, share it with Joe, so he can offer support and advice to help you crush on stage


Space is limited ENROLL NOW!

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