Beginners Stand Up Comedy Class

The Response To comedy legend
Cathy Ladman teaching our Beginners Class has been so great, we’ve added a Summer date!

Cathy made her 10th appearance on The Tonight Show last year (click here to watch), and you might have seen her in episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Modern Family, Rosanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mad Men, just to name a few.

Whether you want to be a stand up comedian or just try it for fun, the guidance of one of the country’s best comedians is available to you.


Monday’s in Santa Monica 7p – 10p
July 8 – August 11, 2024 – SOLD OUT

Class Schedule
Week 1 July 8
Week 2 July 15
Week 3 July 22
Week 4 July 29
Week 5 August 5
Week 6 – Sunday August 11 – your
Grad Show at the Hollywood Improv!


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Cathy teaches you all the techniques, secrets and skills used by A-List comedians to create great comedy material. You’ll go from ideas, to writing and performing a five minute set at the Hollywood Improv in just 6 weeks!

Best of all, Cathy keeps things fun, while challenging you to do great work within a inspiring, collaborative learning environment.

Sample Class Outline

Actual topics and assignments may vary

  • Class #1

    After the initial meet and greet you will be introduced to the essential parts to performing stand up comedy and joke writing. You will learn how to think and act like a stand up comedian.

    Comedy Nugget #1

    What sort of idiot are you?

  • Class #2

    Everyone will perform a 3 minute set. Then we will work as a group on each student's set, tweaking setups, punching up jokes, and tightening overall performance.

    Comedy Nugget #2

    Ten kick ass ways to be really funny.

  • Class #3

    You'll perform 3 more minutes of material and get feedback on your jokes from Joe and the class. Homework – Write 1 additional minute of material to be performed in Week 4.

    Comedy Nugget #3

    Whatever doesn't add detracts!

  • Class #4

    Perform your 4 minute set, then get feedback from Joe and the class. We'll also work on set structure - to segue or not to segue?

    Comedy Nugget #4

    Stand up and DELIVER...

  • Class #5

    Prepare for the live show by performing your 5 minute set. You'll also learn how to deal with nerves, hecklers and, dare we say it, bombing.

    Comedy Nugget #5

    Holy shit I'm nervous!

  • Class #6

    You'll perform your set in front of a live audience of friends, family, and co-workers, at the Hollywood IMPROV!

    Comedy Nugget #6

    Congrats, you crushed at the Hollywood Improv!